About Us


ONECO is a consultancy of European programs in the field of education, culture, employment and local development. From 1997 until today ONECO is a consultancy that offers services in a wide range of community programs.

ONECO counts on a team which is highly qualified in the preparation and management of European projects, moving with ease on a national and international setting. A wide network of international partners and 400 projects carried out since 1997 endorse the experience of this company.

The strategic consulting team has extensive experience in managing European programs and projects. Thanks to its academic career specializing in the field of law and the European Institutions, the team of the consulting department knows in detail the operation of the European Union and its funding cycles. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan and Valenciano.

Work with us


Would you like to join our team? ONECO consults the possibility of including it in its database to be part of the selection processes that are carried out on a regular basis, for the European Projects Department. Please send your CV to the e-mail address proyectos@oneco.org or euprogrammes@oneco.org.

Our Team

Ernesto Sarrión / General Manager

Founder ONECO has led the management and direction since its beginnings in 1997. His foray into the field of international mobility, training and employment started in collaboration with an association of Salzburg and the United Nations in Vienna.

Rubén Piña / Chief financial officer

He began his career in ONECO in 2003. He currently holds the post of CFO, is responsible for the planning, execution and financial information. He supervises the preparation of tax forms and proper presentation of accounting information before various government agencies.

Alicia Fernández / Mobility programs in Europe

She started in ONECO in January 2005 in the Incoming department and joined the Mobility Department at the end of 2006. She advises institutions across Spain in developing their European mobility projects, organizing internships in multisectoral European companies.

Amparo Torres / Mobility programs in Seville

Amparo joined the Incoming department, dealing with the organization and coordination of the professional internships of groups belonging to European mobility programs. Her main tasks are being in contact with the promoters and the organization of the program prior to the arrival of the groups.

Kristina Stehmeier / National and International Mobility

Since 2004 Kristina has been part of ONECO. She coordinates training programs for foreign and national participants in Spain and internationally. She is specialized in the coordination and monitoring during the training of the participants, conducting assessments and reports of their experiences.

Juan Antonio Piña / Executive Manager

In ONECO since its inception, attached to the director and manager of the company also supervises the finance and administration department, and collaborates with the Department of European Projects in the economic justification of the projects.

Santiago Reyes / European projects

Consultant European programs and projects. With an experience of over 15 years in the consulting sector, he is responsible for fundraising, proposal design, management and technical assistance of projects developed within the framework of the European Union or financed with structural funds, in areas such as employment, education, youth, culture, innovation and quality, among others.

Mª José Aranda / Mobility programs in Europe

She became part of ONECO in October 2007 in the Mobility Department and since then she manages the sending of groups to countries of the European Union to conduct internships in companies in collaboration with various entities in Spain which she advises regarding the development of their European mobility projects.

María Redondo / European projects

Manager and consultant of European programs, with more than 7 years of experience in fundraising, design of proposals, management and technical assistance of projects developed within the framework of the European Union.

Fabiola Imbriani / Training programs

Fabiola joined the Incoming department in 2005, taking care of the organisation and coordination of internships in the hospitality and tourism sector in Puglia region.